Legacy giving is a valuable investment in the future of Idaho’s wildlife.

Donor-Advised Trusts & Endowed Funds

The Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation manages trusts and endowment funds from individuals who are passionate about Idaho’s fish and wildlife resources and their importance to Idaho’s quality of life. Many of these funds are unrestricted, meaning that the Foundation’s Board of Directors will decide how to apply the gift where it is most needed. Other funds are restricted—they have been created for specific purposes. In either case, the substantial gift that creates a trust or endowment allows donors to leave a lasting legacy impacting both present and future generations.

The purposes of restricted trusts and endowments are wide-ranging. In all cases, the Foundation’s Board of Director’s will assure that the donor’s intention is honored. Examples of some restricted funds include gifts used to promote wildlife education or to meet wildlife management needs in different regions around the state. Many trusts are established as part of a donor’s estate planning, either as legacy bequests or as gifts during the donor’s lifetime. From hunter education programs for youth to stewardship funds to funds for the winter feeding of animals, there are as many possibilities as there are donors who desire to preserve Idaho’s wildlife heritage for generations to come.

For further information about establishing a trust or endowment with the Foundation, please call us at (208) 334-2648, or you may contact us via email by Clicking Here >