We support projects that work to preserve and promote Idaho’s wildlife heritage.

Conservation & Education

Through restoration projects and conservation education programs, the Foundation encourages the following:

  • Understanding the value of Idaho’s fish and wildlife resources.
  • Appreciation of the complexities of wildlife management and habitat preservation that are essential to sustaining Idaho’s fish and wildlife resources.
  • Enjoyment of Idaho’s great outdoors through a variety of resource-related activities that comprise our wildlife heritage: hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, boating, wildlife watching, and other wildlife-based recreation opportunities.

Projects funded by the Foundation can be found in the seven regional areas of Idaho: the Panhandle, Clearwater, Southwest, Magic Valley, Southeast, Upper Snake, and Salmon regions.  Click on Funded Projects to learn more.

Every Idaho resident or visitor—whether a sportsman, a dedicated or occasional wildlife-watcher, or a solitude-seeker—has the unique opportunity to play a vital role in preserving Idaho’s wildlife heritage.  You, too, can support an important project with a tax deductible contribution.  Visit SUPPORT A PROJECT! to learn more.

If you belong to a qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and would like to learn more about project funding, click here to apply for funding.